Lounge Charts

1Meshell NdegeocelloMake Me Wanna Holler – Meshell NdegeocelloYouTube!
2Troye SivanTake Yourself Home – Troye SivanYouTube!
3Maydie MylesThe Look of Love – Maydie MylesYouTube!
4Lex One, Lucian WhiteStarlight Groove – Lex One, Lucian WhiteYouTube!
5Maverick Sabre, KANTCome Fly Away – KANT Remix – Maverick Sabre, KANTYouTube!
6Poldoore, Will MagidUnconditional – Poldoore, Will MagidYouTube!
7RaveenaNo Better – RaveenaYouTube!
8Marcus Miller, Corinne Bailey RaeFree (feat. Corinne Bailey Rae) – Marcus Miller, Corinne Bailey RaeYouTube!
9Tom Misch, GoldLinkLost in Paris – Tom Misch, GoldLinkYouTube!
10Full Crate, GaidaaA Storm on a Summers Day – Full Crate, GaidaaYouTube!
11Two AnotherAiming Up – Two AnotherYouTube!
12Anthony HamiltonBest of Me – Anthony HamiltonYouTube!
13Kings Of TomorrowFinally – Kings Of TomorrowYouTube!
14PUMA BLUEVelvet Leaves – PUMA BLUEYouTube!
15SG LewisChemicals – SG LewisYouTube!
16Aaron TaylorLesson Learnt – Aaron TaylorYouTube!
17Salaam Remi, Terrace MartinCarrot Juice – Salaam Remi, Terrace MartinYouTube!
18Aloe BlaccSoldier In The City – Aloe BlaccYouTube!
19The LancelotBefore the Parade – The LancelotYouTube!
20Dua Lipa, Madonna, Missy Elliott, The Blessed MadonnaLevitating (feat. Madonna and Missy Elliott) [The Blessed Madonna Remix] – Dua Lipa, Madonna, Missy Elliott, The Blessed MadonnaYouTube!
21ElenoirWrong Party – ElenoirYouTube!
22MimoSkin (ft. Siena Bella) (Domenico Remix) – MimoYouTube!
23Michiru MondayOasis – Michiru MondayYouTube!
24Second ActNatural High – Second ActYouTube!
25Kiana Ledé, Ari LennoxChocolate. (ft. Ari Lennox) – Kiana Ledé, Ari LennoxYouTube!
264hero, FaceLook Inside – 4hero, FaceYouTube!
27Isla BonnerElevated – Isla BonnerYouTube!
28Wilmer WooElephant & Castle – Wilmer WooYouTube!
29Pieces Of A DreamWarm Weather – 12″ Version – Pieces Of A DreamYouTube!
30Reel People, Eric RobersonSave A Lil Love – Reel People, Eric RobersonYouTube!
31RoyspopI Call My Soul – Climax Saddle Mix – RoyspopYouTube!
32Talib Kweli, Norah JonesSoon the New Day (feat. Norah Jones) – Talib Kweli, Norah JonesYouTube!
33Mono TunedCrossing the Streets – Mono TunedYouTube!
34Arlo ParksGreen Eyes – Arlo ParksYouTube!
35Togo BaoWhite Heart Sand – Togo BaoYouTube!
36Mono TunedSmile of the Day – Mono TunedYouTube!
37GramatikLike You Do – GramatikYouTube!
38La Tata MoroPort Soller – La Tata MoroYouTube!
39Misha, cocabonaKhaleesi – Misha, cocabonaYouTube!
40DalacFeel Me – DalacYouTube!